Let's begin with a conversation about your vision and challenges

I inspire individuals to penetrate their extraordinary abilities with the tools and wisdom of Zen.

How I Help:

My ultimate goal as a Wellbeing coach is to put ‘Ease & Joy’ at the Centre of your being. Life is not meant to be a slog! Instead, it is a process of leaning in and penetrating your extraordinary abilities. It is the only authentic way to deliver your contribution to the world, performing at the top of your game in all areas of your life. Unfortunately, most people, including successful leaders, focus on their career while compromising aspects of their wellbeing. As I discovered in my life, doing so is not sustainable, and long term undermines performance.

We are independent and interdependent beings and are at our best when serving our whole selves—our career, family, relationships, self-care, and the world. However, we constantly lose ourselves in daily pressures, unable to see what is staring at us in the face. Consequently, life becomes painful, and we suffer underperforming in our career, relationships break down, and our wellbeing deteriorates.

I work as a coach, corporate consultant or even right-hand man, someone you can lean on when needed. Whatever help and support I give it is uncomplicated and straightforward, grounded in my own Zen training. Using simple tools to turn the tables opening up careers, relationships, and self-care instead of shutting them down, helping you create a life of ease and joy and experiencing the unlimited possibilities life presents.

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