Cabin Baggage 

We live in a materialistic world and one which is clearly not sustainable, which is incredibly scary, especially when I find myself buying things for the sake of buying things. By writing a regular LiveLite blog, I hope to get a handle on my own excessive habits and try to minimise my own impact, at the same time as living a fun and fulfilling life on the planet.

The irony is, that my first blog is being written on a flight heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend a yoga teacher training programme, not an ideal start to LiveLite! Yet, I’ve got to start somewhere and it would seem that this trip is here to teach me my first LiveLite lesson.
Through economic necessity, I keep my travel costs to a minimum and this journey is no exception. In obtaining my cheap flight, I have forfeited luggage in the hold and have only been allowed to bring a standard 10kg cabin bag. The challenge is, that I am travelling in the USA for 3 weeks and one of the major items in my luggage is my yoga mat. Prior to leaving earlier today, I came to finally zip up, what seems a very small case, at which point, I was forced to further prune back my already slim packing. I am now down to not a lot!

Anyway, it will be a great exercise to establish what in my bag is essential and what may have come along just for the ride. In the meantime there isn’t a lot to carry, happy days!

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  1. Love this Robbie! Look forward to hearing about this journey as I would like to try it too!
    Safe travels!

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