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It has taken me a while to get around to writing my LiveLite blog, but I was somewhat inspired yesterday when stumbling across a Patagonia shop in San Fransisco. I am a fan of the brand and with 50% discount sale, I couldn’t help myself! I was clearly meant to be in the store and I bought two things, both represent issues close to my heart; one a recycled cotton T-shirt (my third from Patagonia) with the logo ‘Live Simply’ and a book by the founders of Patagonia titled ‘the responsible company’. So what can I do to live simply? And what Can I do to help ensure the organisations I work for are responsible to the environment.

Initially, the two questions just seem over whelming, in that, there is so much to do and individually I have such little impact. It would almost be easier to never start! Yet, I learnt in life that small acorns become large oak trees and that by focusing on the little things, changes are easier to make and can be sustained.

So here’s the three changes, that I am going to commit; Firstly, to ensure I don’t use or get given any more plastic straws in bars and cafes, by communicating the simple message that it takes 600 years for a plastic straw to deteriorate and in the process they leach toxins into our oceans and wildlife. Secondly, and for the same reasons I am going to refuse water from plastic bottles! I already carry a stainless steel canteen, so this is no real hardship, although occasionally a plastic bottle, unexpectedly ends up in front of me, like when sitting on a flight. I need to remember to refill my canteen before boarding or go thirsty! Thirdly, I am going to start carrying my own container for hot drinks, (I already have one yet failed to bring it on this trip), so at least when I am grabbing a take away tea, I am not increasing my own landfill footprint. On top of those 3 life changes I’m going to see what lessons I can take from the founders of Patagonia, on not only how to Live Simply but how to LiveLite.

PS. Since writing this blog, I came across this distressing video on social media of a very sick whale, stranded in a harbour. The whale was eventually shot, because it was so ill. During a post-mortem of the whale, thirty, yes, ‘30’ plastic bags where found to be in the mammals stomach.

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