The Way Home


We are tourists, we are explorers,

We are adventures, we are wayfarers,

We have become obsessed, we are preoccupied,

Bewitched, controlled and attached to the external lands we have discovered.

We have crossed sun-beaten deserts, and storm-battered oceans,

We have climbed snow covered mountains and walked in deep dark forests,

We have searched long and hard for what we want,

Death is close, and we still seek, hoping, hoping so much to find our elusive desire,

Wherever we are on our journey, however late we may have left it, we must U-turn,

We have to about-face, and find our way home,

We must travel inwards into the emptiness, to the depths of our soul,

On and on into the far reaches of space, a journey to change everything,

Finally, out of the light in the field beyond, lay down in the grass, and reunite with our friend long forgotten.

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