Put Down Our Load & Stand Straight



Our desire for connection starts with mum.
It begins for us in her womb, gravity pulling us downwards until we drop earthbound.
Our breath rushing in to fill our tiny lungs, our umbilical tie severed.
We are Unattached yet attached now it’s the breast that we cling.

And so it begins, our journey of attachment.
We clutch, we grasp, we grip, we hoard, we collect, we acquire, we possess, we hang on to.
Like glue, we stick to our baggage, and with all its heaviness, we haul it through life.
Dragging it towards our death, the moment when we can finally wave our goodbye, the ultimate letting go.

Why wait until the dark shadow haunts us?
Dare we let go now, disengage, unattached, drop everything.
How few things can we possess,
How little can we cherish,
How light can we live,
We only lose to what we cling.

Put down our load, and stand straight,
Let gravity take our breath down to the depths of humanity,
Again and again, feel into the nonsensical nature of everything.
Then again bend down and pick up our load, stand straight and off we go.
The bag is light, and there is joy in every step.
Oh, we laugh so loud at everything that restrains us.

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