The Obstacle Is The Path

The boulder blocks the way; the landslide blocks the road, the flood cuts off the path,

When has there not been an obstacle that obstructs our passage through life,

Our shoots have grown tall, and we stand straight while gravity pulls us down,

How would life exist if not for the path of calamity,

Man creates his obstructions; he makes his own obstacles and misfortune,

We close our heart to block the way, we let the wandering mind block the road, we abuse our bodies and cut our path,

There are things that we do not control and there are things that we do,

It’s for sure that adversity and stress are here to stay they are going nowhere,

Embrace them like a long lost friend, love them with your heart,

We have climbed to the highest peaks, and crossed the deepest oceans to look adversity in the face to test our human condition,

The things that hurt us are the things that project us forward to new ways of being,

The deeper the hurting, the greater the learning,

Follow the path of our ancestors, those who have walked before us, famine, flood, and plague, have stared them in the eye, and they have overcome,

Use adversity, and stress, as the opportunity to see no good or bad, accept they are what they are, live now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, now.

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