Somebody to Nobody

The journey to be somebody starts the day we are born,

So much hope to become somebody,

My mum and dad, my granny and grandad, my aunts and uncles, my teachers and friends,

Oh how wonderful to be somebody,

I strive so hard, I toil day and night, I sweat blood and tears,

And wow, I am becoming somebody,

But not the somebody I was yesterday,

And not the somebody I will be tomorrow,

That other somebody.

On my god, who is this somebody I need to be,

I am a fool, I am an idiot, I walk the path of delusion,

Everybody trying to be somebody,

Oh my god, how my somebody laughs,

As everybody struggles to be somebody,

Who cares about my somebody,

Oh my god, stop, look, listen,

I already am, I always have been,

Just be nobody and become everybody.

It is nobody that’s what I must become,

Aborting my life long hike to be somebody,

A new adventure towards being nobody,

Cutting away every last piece of somebody,

Enjoying the game of hide and seek,

Cut the flesh, chop away the bone, I’m getting warmer,

The truth is close, where is somebody now,

I find nobody here I find nobody there,

Yah its nobody yet everybody the coolest person in town.

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