Expect but don’t Expect


We want things to happen, but they don’t, 

We don’t want things to happen, but they do,

When the don’t comes with do, 

Or the do comes with don’t,

We stamp our feet and shout out loudly, why me!

Tantrum time is here again, anger rising quicker than lighting,

In a flash smooth to rough, calm to chaos, serene to outrage,

Temper runs rampant, like the winds of the ocean,

The storm rages, crashing into everything and one in its path, 

Exhausted the tempest finally gives way,

Disappearing as quickly as it arose, 

Yet leaving the scars of uprooted trees, broken branches and landscapes changed,

Oh for the anger of the storm,

Take heed before setting our sail, and leaving the shore,

Prepare through practice and sit with Anatman,

Emotions still ignite, the ocean will ripple, 

but now the gust dissipates into stillness, 

the inhale turns to exhale,

Expect but don’t expect

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In Buddhism, the term Anatta (Pali) or Anatman (Sanskrit) refers to the doctrine of the “non-self”, that there is no unchanging, permanent self, soul or essence in living beings.

Thank you Gordon Hakuun Greene Zen Master & Head Priest of Spring Green Dojo, Wisconsin, for this life-changing teaching, Expect but don’t Expect!


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