COVID-19 Crisis – Business Support for Owners & Executives – Online Coaching £20/Hour

COVID-19 is disturbing news, yet there is no avoiding it! I know anyone in business or leading a company is feeling it deeply, hard times are here, and you know it is not going to get any easier, at least in the short term.  

Everyone is affected, and I can see the agony on peoples faces and feel their pain listening as they lose control, of their everyday lives. The stories of their businesses collapsing, rent and mortgages not paid, relationships breaking at the strain, and the fear for family and loved ones from Covid-19 itself is heartbreaking. No one has experienced anything like this before. 

Here is how I can help you get through at least some of the pain! 

Zen is one of the most sophisticated & profound ways to change, not just your business but your whole life. I feel my own life’s experiences of both commercial and Zen put me in good stead to help you in these challenging times.

In 2011 after battling the 2008 financial meltdown, I was forced to shut my own business laying off 50 staff which left me financially broke. I couldn’t sleep for many weeks, initially trying to pull my business back and retain my staff. One evening a coach I knew called me up and said a client of his had also been through a similar experience five years before and would I like to talk to him. I didn’t expect much, but when you are down you try to grab every chance you’ve got, right? I was also desperate to share my many worries and concerns with anyone who might give me some insight. The conversation was a real conversation; this guy had walked the walk and was able to talk the talk! I took his words that: “Life continues after death, even within the business field”, and with a glimmer of hope, I would have the courage to pull myself up and start over again.

In the last decade, my path has changed completely, and the way I live and what I have learnt isn’t the usual coaching MBA. As a Zen Priest with profound knowledge and learning from ancient wisdom, I have taken my chance and flipped the world I live, and now, I am the happiest I have ever been. Zen taught me “life is like a ball on fast-moving waters, and we need to go with rather than against”, and I am here to help you go with the flow and move with the current as is my practice these days. Please take this opportunity and give me a call I know I can help you!


1. Acceptance of your current situation.

2. Recognise the fear and anxiety that holds you back and move beyond it.

3. Set clear intentions in both business and life.

4. Love problems and make them your opportunities.

5. Have clarity during the storm.

6. Expand your influence and empower the best in others.

7. Manage your energy and have more of it.

8. Aquire resilience practices to use in any situation.

9. Live with ease & joy whatever life throws at you. 

10. Thrive in a world that you cannot control.

Andy is an energetic and intuitive Business & Executive Coach, and Zen Teacher, helping business owners and leaders out of their heads and into their bodies. Seizan Ryuji is the name given by his Zen Master when ordained as a priest in the Japanese Rinzai tradition; meaning ‘peaceful mountain flowing compassion’. His devotion is helping clients discover their true path and life’s purpose, making a real difference using, perceptiveness and humour, to inspire. His grounding in the military, construction and business, brings quality and experience impossible to find elsewhere.

All Coaching Via Zoom Room hours to suit Business Owners UK & International.

Contact Andy:

Mobile 00 44 7557 645 401 –


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