Meditation (Zazen)

I studied meditation under the Chosei Zen Rinzai lineage, with my teacher Dr
Ginny Whitelaw Roshi, for almost a decade before receiving Inka (dharma
transmission) as is the custom in Zen Buddhism.

Inka is a term used in Zen Buddhism to denote a high level of certification and means “the legitimate seal of clearly furnished proof.” A qualified Zen master bestows Inka only upon their students that have demonstrated themselves as leaders and capable of teaching. In the Rinzai school of Zen, Inka is the official indicator of mastery and denotes an individual who has completed koan study and received the title Roshi.

Chosei Zen is rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition of zazen (meditation), which has a long history of boosting physical and mental health, grounding, insight, selfunderstanding and helping practitioners move to the higher realms of human potential. 

I teach and coach both beginners and advanced zazen students either one to
one, in classes or workshops. If you would like to know more?

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