Hi, I am Andy

Let’s get to know one another…

My journey so far has been diverse. From Navy field gunner to yoga teacher. From the director of a construction company to Zen Master and Teacher. From achievement and success to loss and tragedy. From a deep state of suffering to where I sit today: fully present and living life with ease and joy.

The highs and lows I’ve experienced in my own life are not unique, but my path out of suffering has been profound – a seismic shift to learning what it means to get out of my own way and live with abundant energy.

During the 2008 economic crisis, my business was gasping for breath, and my private life crumbled. When I finally got to the brink, I knew drastic action was required. Initially, I thought this would be in the form of a 1 year MSc in Psychology that would launch a new career and support my own personal transformation. But instead, I attended a leadership programme delivered by a NASA trained Zen Master, and 8 years of intensive training later, I became a Zen Master too.

I spent several years living, training, and teaching in the USA and Vietnam whilst attaining a fundamental understanding of Zen and Asian culture. It is my life experience and zen training that I bring to my coaching.

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