Two Forces Compete


We desire to be limitless, boundless, infinite, vast, never-ending, no constraints.

We desire to be safe and sound, sure and secure, cherished, protected, impregnable.

And back and forwards it goes the fight between soul and ego, ego and soul,

Who will overcome who,

Will, we ever let go, let go of everything that we have collected, accumulated and brought into our lives,

No safe and sound, No sure and secure, No cherished, protected, impregnable,

Just open, vulnerable, exposed, stripped naked, nothing of you left, we finally disappearing,

Only to reappear, limitless beyond anything we have ever conceived, boundless beyond all our possibilities, a light so bright that it cannot help but touch the hearts of all those that pass on the way.

The Way Home



We are tourists, we are explorers,

We are adventures, we are wayfarers,

We have become obsessed, we are preoccupied,

Bewitched, controlled and attached to the external lands we have discovered.

We have crossed sun-beaten deserts, and storm-battered oceans,

We have climbed snow covered mountains and walked in deep dark forests,

We have searched long and hard for what we want,

Death is close, and we still seek, hoping, hoping so much to find our elusive desire,

Wherever we are on our journey, however late we may have left it, we must U-turn,

We have to about-face, and find our way home,

We must travel inwards into the emptiness, to the depths of our soul,

On and on into the far reaches of space, a journey to change everything,

Finally, out of the light in the field beyond, lay down in the grass, and reunite with our friend long forgotten.

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Are You Really Here?


Are you really here,

Waking up.

Are you really here,

Eating breakfast.

Are you really here,

Drinking coffee.

Are you really here,

Driving car.

Are you really here,

Playing games.

Are you really here,

Watching Youtube.

Are you really here,

Cooking dinner.

Are you really here,

Washing plates.

Are you really here,

Making love.

Are you really here,

Breathing in.

Are you really here,

Breathing out.

Are you really here,

Living life.

Are you really here,

You fool!

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The Game Is Very Simple


The game is very simple,

Love everyone and speak the truth.

It’s a game that is never ending, requiring an open heart and strong voice.

It’s a game that requires practice, patience, persistence and perseverance.

Its a game that takes courage to love and vulnerability to speak out.

It’s a game that means without courage there is no love, and without vulnerability no truth.

The game is that simple,

Walk a lesser path,

Seek a lesser reward,

And you will miss freedom itself.

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Mountain Top or Tower Block


It’s amidst the storm you will discover who you are.

On the mountain top, in the woods and on the beech don’t be fooled.

Sail the seas, visit foreign shores, immerse yourself into anything and everything that evokes fear.

Become familiar with unease; make it your best friend, be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And from the turmoil and turbulence, a stillness will eventually arise, a stillness that resonates from the depths of your being.

The stillness will be beyond any stillness you thought was stillness, the mountain, the woods and the beach seem chaotic amidst this newfound serenity.

Outside the storm rages and from within joy arises out of an endless stream of pure stillness.

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The Vow of Love


Let us commit to the field of love, not the form.

Let us acknowledge that form changes, ebbs and flows, as it must.

We are lovers, we are friends.

We are wedded, we are divorced.

We are together, we are not. We are together again.

We are partners, we are ex-partners. We live together, we do not.

We are attracted to each other, the attraction wanes then surges unexpectedly.

We are bright and active, rosy faced and full of hope.

We are bed-bound, we soil our underwear at night, and we need help to eat, yet we are full of hope.

We take unexpected paths, change in unexpected ways, dance our unique dances in the field.

We never stay still. We are alive.

Is there a love that survives all these changes, even celebrates them? A love that embraces, yet does not cling?

Is there a great field in which we can meet every day, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer?

Can we commit to the field itself, and not get attached to a specific form?

Can we shed all ideas of permanence, and meet in the here and now, speaking from the heart today, listening from presence today, telling our truth today, no matter where it takes us tomorrow?

Can we risk the loss of form in honour of the the field, till death do us part?

Is there a love so huge, so timeless, so present, so free from worldly conditions?

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Sit & Breath


Just sit and breath,

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace,

Just sit and breath,

Do not fidget, do not move,

Just sit and breath,

Watch endless thoughts pass like cars on the highway,

Just sit and breath,

The world rushes by,

Just sit and breath,

And out of the stillness golden radiance surges from the heart.

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Me & My Beloved Vanish


My love awakens at the slightest glance of you,

Love leaps from my open heart, it catches me unaware,

My love flows freely riding the ocean storms,

Love emanates from my pulsating heart, transforming everything,

As I and my beloved vanish golden radiance is breaking free.

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Love Cannot


I cannot see my love,

I cannot hear my love,

I cannot smell my love

I can not touch my love

I can only feel my love for you,

My heart aches, my resonance so strong, it radiates my love past the moon and the stars to universes beyond.

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Love Springs From Nowhere


I cannot speak love, although my mouth will often try,

I cannot write love, although my pen flows with words,

I cannot think love although my mind wants in on the play,

I cannot face love, although I often look it in the eye,

Love springs from nowhere infecting my heart, saturating my body, and soaking into my bones.