Cabin Baggage 


We live in a materialistic world and one which is clearly not sustainable, which is incredibly scary, especially when I find myself buying things for the sake of buying things. By writing a regular LiveLite blog, I hope to get a handle on my own excessive habits and try to minimise my own impact, at the same time as living a fun and fulfilling life on the planet. Continue reading

Think Small!


I am currently enjoying reading ‘Wherever You Go There You Are’ by Jon Kabat-Zinn, which is all about mindfulness meditation in daily life.The chapter on ‘Voluntary Simplicity,’ really appeals to me, as It seems such a brilliant way to live your life. It means doing less to achieve more, seeing less so you can see more, acquiring less so you can have more! Wow, that’s cool! In a chaotic world, it is about choosing simplicity over complexity so that we live the life we have now, rather than the one we wish will happen tomorrow.

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