Wellbeing Coaching

One to One

What makes my Wellbeing Coaching different from others is that it delivers a
depth of wisdom and experience that comes from years of Zen practise and the ability to listen deeply, in addition to my leadership, industry, and coaching

The highest accolade for any teacher in my lineage of Rinzai Zen is to remove fear. As a coach, it is an uplifting shift to watch as you move beyond your fears as you get out of your way, expanding and sharing your individual contribution to the world.

Coaching Options

1 x Coaching Session Plus FEBI - £100

As an introduction to the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) and how it can open avenues of agility and impact in your life, I offer you a comprehensive, personalised report full of insights and suggestions along with 60-minutes of Coaching; helping you apply the results to your life!

3 x Coaching Sessions - £550

If you’re just looking to test the waters on my Coaching or help transform a specific situation in your life, work, or community, this is an excellent place to start. In three sessions, you can begin to significantly impact your life by using and experiencing the transformational zen tools and practices.

6 x Coaching Sessions - £990

In these six sessions, together, we can dive in deep! Opening up your head, heart and hara to bring about the transition you are looking for. I follow your journey closely, seeking ease and joy in both life and work. Often, there are many layers to peel back to get to the root, but ultimately we seek nothing short of completely transforming your ability to make a difference in the world.


As a tool and when needed, I use the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI), an excellent and only truly embodied psychometrically validated personality instrument available.
The FEBI uniquely integrates mind, body and behaviours; it is a gateway to working with the mind-body as one and, for many, a pathway to more profound training. When you make something physical, you make it trainable, making FEBI a powerful and practical tool to add to Coaching. You receive a 30-page comprehensive report showing your emotional energy patterns and how these are best used to enhance your life.

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