Wellbeing Programme

What is a Wellbeing Coach?

CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders can gain
tremendous value from a Wellbeing coach. In this sense, a Wellbeing coach is
similar to an executive coach improving leadership performance and
development with the added benefit of considering how all areas of one’s life
impact overall wellbeing and success. High-performing executives and worldclass athletes elevate their game by hiring a coach. Their pursuit of excellence
expands in partnership with a well-suited coach

Here are my top five life changes to help you discover ease & joy in a life of unlimited potential.


Energy—increase energy-levels

The great challenge facing today's leaders is not managing time but managing energy. A great indicator that your investment in wellbeing coaching is paying off is when you wake up feeling energised and eager to face the day. You can sustain that level of energy and engagement in all of your activities. We talk about taking a holistic approach—to our lives, careers, and wellbeing—and yet we live in a society that often encourages us to compartmentalise when in fact, our lives are an integrated whole. When my clients learn to become engaged and energised in all aspects of their lives, I can see they are on 'the way' to becoming aligned with their true selves; creativity, independence, spontaneity, and grasping reality follows. The client's achievements become my ultimate goal as a wellbeing coach. Committing to the journey is one of the most valuable investments today for those who want to live a life of ease & joy.



Stress kills. It also cripples performance and productivity. I work to manage and alleviate stress through a healthy mindset, lifestyle, and other preventive measures. If we frame a challenge as an opportunity and not a threat, we can productively channel the energy of a stressful situation. Equipped with a growth mindset and zen tools and strategies, you will not only survive life's inevitable curveballs—you will thrive in the face of them.


Clarity - be in the Zone of strong decision-making, creativity, and flow

Our stresses, fears and limiting beliefs weigh heavily on us and cloud our judgment and decision-making. Our mind becomes a fog when we are eating or sleeping poorly. Clarity is an essential quality to help us navigate life. Physical fitness and vitality translate readily into mental wellbeing and fosters focus and engagement. In an age of distraction and noise, the focus is a prized commodity and a prerequisite for peak performance.


Resonance - flow and glow

Influential leaders need to be skilled internal and external communicators. In zen, we talk about radiance from within when the practitioner physically glows from their zen practices. The connections you cultivate and nurture are the connective tissue that holds you and your organisation's life together.


Connection - deepen relationships

Resonance is a physical connection that forms when both parties trust, understand and value one another. Through the ability to deeply listen, we become highly skilled at identifying people's strengths and bringing them into our lives

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