I share the breathings of my heart

Here in the UK, the past ten days have seen an extraordinary outpouring of grief and sadness following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. During my own life, I have

It was the first time in many years that I spent Christmas staying at my mum’s home in rural Dorset, the area in which I spent my childhood. Christmas can

I spent my childhood in rural England, and in the days before Christmas, the travelling Romanies would appear in our hamlet, their canvas-covered wagon and horse tethered on the grass

Over the last week, there seems to have been a theme running in my life around the words ‘I don’t know—the same message appearing in various guises. I often talk

I have a couple of friends, one in New Zealand and one in England whom I much admire. They are real entrepreneurs in that they have given useful chunks of

I have been undergoing a rebrand as it has become noticeable that Executive, Leadership and Business Coaches seem to be morphing into Well-being and Wellness Coaches. The holistic approach appears

It seems that wherever we turn, we are confronted by a world in disintegration, with little rationality or compassion. Human rights are at the bottom of most countries agendas. At

This week there has been a feeling of strange energy, something like sitting in a waiting room at a train station and having faith the train will arrive, yet enough

It’s Saturday, and I awoke this morning to a thought, having no idea where it came from. Generally, as I open my eyes in the dark and stretch out my

I have spent the last few days listening to ‘The Long Quiet Road’ by Natalie Goldberg. I came across her book whilst searching for help with writing styles. Natalie Goldberg

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